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Small castings, big difference!Why do we insist on using water glass process?(2)

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Small castings, big difference!Why do we insist on using water glass process?(2)

Last news we talk about the  the price of water glass connector  is 2 times that of  the sand cast connector.

So ,many partners will feel confused, why we still choose water glass process?

Let me tell you about some problems of the sand cast connectors in the current market:

01. Poor appearance

The appearance quality on the one hand is the overall appearance of the product is poor, more directly, the ledger will be a lot of leakage plating phenomenon in the galvanizing process, because of the surface is too rough, , it will reduce the service life of the product.

02.Many internal pores

The problem of internal pores is mainly manifested in two aspects:

1) The pores exist at the root of the connector, which will cause the pores in the weld seam and affect the welding quality when welding with the pipe;

2) The existence of pores reduces the overall strength of the connector, causing damage to the connector and resulting in the scrap of the whole ledger.

03.much more Burr, poor dimensional precision control

Many burrs in connector not only affect the appearance quality, but also affect the workers’ scratches during operation. The most important thing is that it will also affect the erecting. If the burrs are not removed and erected in time, the overall quality after welding will cannot meet the standard, which affects the quality and safety of products.

According to our experience, the water glass connector process in the casting molding, is one molding, the overall structure is relatively stable;In the process of sand cast connector, the molds are separated.

Based on the above reasons, more and more customers choose the water glass connector with higher unit price.

Post time: Apr-26-2021