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Small castings, big difference! Why do we insist on using water glass process? (1)

Casting is a part of the higher cost of the Ringlock scaffolding accessories, the quality directly affects the stability and safety of the scaffolding node and the service life of the scaffolding, so in the choice of castings, we must also polished our eyes. Today we would like to talk about the castings.

The main castings of ringlock scaffold are: ledger connectors, diagonal brace connectors. At present, there are two main processes of ringlock scaffolding castings, one is sand cast, the other is water glass, what is the difference between the two processes, how should we choose? Let me share with you some of our experiences.

Explaining the process of  sand cast and water glass

Water glass casting

Water glass as binder and quartz sand are mixed in a certain proportion to make molding sand, which is cured by blowing carbon dioxide after making the mold, and then the mold is lifted, closed and poured into castings.

Sand cast casting

The quartz sand is heated into the sand mixing machine, and the resin, curing agent and anti-cementation agent are added to make the surface of the quartz sand covered with a layer of resin film. After the mixing is uniform, the quartz sand is released for cooling and crushing standby, and the use needs to be heated and cured.

In general, Sand cast production is high, low cost; The production of Water glass is low and the cost is high. According to the market price, the price of  Water glass connectors is 2 times that of sand cast connectors !

Post time: Apr-25-2021