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Scaffolding Standard material,why we choose the Q355.

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Scaffolding Standard material,why we choose the Q355.

Many customers ask me about the material of the standard, and many friends who buy the ringlock scaffolding do not know why we use Q355 (Q345) in the choice of the material of the standard, also there are many standards with a Q355 steel stamp engraved in the market, but mixed with Q235 material. For the above phenomenon, we Rapid Scaffolding(Engineering) Co., Ltd., as the chief editor of the “Chinese scaffold safety technical specifications”, will give you an analysis from the construction point of view, to explain the problems of the  “ Q235 material standard” !

First of all,let me explain what do Q355 and Q235 mean.

Q345 (Q355) is a kind of steel, a low alloy steel.Widely used in Bridges, vehicles, ships, buildings, pressure vessels, special equipment, etc.”Q” means yield strength, and 345 means the yield strength of this steel is 345MPa.

Q235 ordinary carbon structural steel is also called A3 steel.Common carbon structural steel-plain plate is a kind of steel material.Q represents the yield limit of this kind of material, and 235 in the back refers to the yield value of this kind of material, which is about 235MPa.

If the standard material of the ring lock scaffolding is Q235, the bearing capacity of it is only 87% of that of Q355.The bearing capacity of the standard is usually 90% of the allowable bearing capacity, namely 47.4kN. If the material of the standard is changed into Q235, the design value/allowable bearing capacity of the standard is =47.4/46.1=103%, which exceeds the allowable bearing capacity and has potential safety hazards.

As we all know, scaffolding engineering belongs to one of the ten major sources of danger in construction engineering, and the standard is the most important force rod in the ring lock scaffolding system, so in the choice of material, we must strictly check!

Post time: Apr-27-2021