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Scaffolding project -Tomorrowland Of The Disneyland Park,Shanghai

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Scaffolding project -Tomorrowland Of The Disneyland Park,Shanghai

Tomorrowland project of the Shanghai Disneyland is located in the southwest corner of the park.In order to complete within the scheduled construction period, the internal partition wall was intended to be constructed at the same time during the MEP installation. Thus, we adopte our ringlock scaffolding. The scaffolding needs to provide an operation platform with an elevation of 9m, together with a birdleway and an operation platform around it. A 30cm operational space is required between the partition wall and the inner wall. As stairs, bridleway, and amusement tracks have already been finished, we have to avoid these facilities. The dimension of this project is 9500m³, and the construction period is expected to be 15 days.

We used our type B ring lock scaffolding for this project,toghether with our steel planks, steel stairs and steel toeboards.
The spacing between the standard is 2m×2m, and the vertical spacing is 1.5m. The special steel planks are laid on the working area as the operating platform.

The main problems solved by us are as follows:
1.Providing a 9-meter-high construction operation platform for the spraying work of roof and the installation of MEP. Steel planks are placed over the place where the horizontal bar arrangement is relatively regular.
2.The steel beam around needs to be sprayed, so there needs to be a working space around the area. Thus working space around is covered with steel planks.
3.Providing proper space between the internal partition and the construction platform. The construction of the partition wall is divided into two working procedures, which are installation and painting. Installation requires a relatively large space between the construction platform and the internal partition, while painting needs to get the construction platform as closer to the internal partition as possible. In this area, there is a large gap between the original scaffolding and the wall. So after we finish loading the steel planks, we use steel pipe & coupler for supplement(see the wall frame drawing ).
4.Providing working surface for the spraying work of steel column in this area. The design didn’t include the operating surface of steel column specifically. Thus, we have to use our scaffold as the main bearing structure. And later, we set up the operating surface with steel pipe, coupler and wooden plank on the scaffold.
5. Two staircases with access on the ground floor are provided.


Carry empty processing
When scaffolding is erected, each component should avoid the lower amusement track, and leave operating space for the construction of the inner partition wall. The inner partition wall is constructed to the elevation of about 7.5m, and the upper part has space to use the empty member.The operation scaffolding is carried out using 4m or 6m truss components, 16 I-steel and steel pipes, etc.
When the truss pieces are in use, the wedges at both ends should be tightened, and ledgers should be erected to the direction of the truss pieces to prevent the truss pieces from being unstable(as shown in Figure 7).

Post time: May-07-2021