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Renting Scaffolding Prodect Of Huaji Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

The factory is in Wuxi,Jiangsu.The factory is divided into two areas, production workshop and office building. The height of the first floor of the production workshop is 10.95m. Elevation of the overhanging eaves of the office building is 16.5m.

The height of the formwork support system for the horizontal concrete members in these two areas has exceeded 8m, which is recongnnised as a dangerous project according to CN standard. The first floor of the production workshop is 10.95m, the second floor is 16.5m and the roof of the production workshop is 19.6m. The first floor of the office building is 4.15m, the second floor is 7.55m, the third floor is 10.95m and the fourth floor is 16.5m. In the plant area, the construction of concrete beams and formwork adopts the ringlock system as the formwork support.

Construction difficulties: The overhangs of this project is high and the construction period is tight. In order to meet these requirements, we make the spacing of the standards to be 1.2m×1.5m and adjust the spacing of diagonal brace.  

Construction highlights: By using larger standard spacing and a proper shoring design, we successfully improve the speed of installation and reduce the cost of the project.

Post time: Apr-14-2021