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Dismantle sequence of the Scaffolding

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Dismantle sequence of the Scaffolding

Ringlock Scaffolding should be erected and dismantled in a certain sequence.Some people think that the erection needs to be carried out in the order, and it does not matter when dismantling, can be casually dismantled, in fact, the dismantle of the scaffolding is also required to emphasize the order, only a good grasp of the dismantle of scaffolding order in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

(1) remove the top handrail and railing column from the straddle first, and then remove the foot plate (or horizontal frame) and the stair, and then remove the horizontal truss and scissors support.

(2) Starting from the top straddle, remove the cross support, and simultaneously remove the top wall tie and the top frame scaffolding.

(3) Continue to remove the frame scaffolding and accessories in the second step.The cantilever height of the scaffold shall not exceed three steps, otherwise a temporary tie shall be added.

(4) continuous synchronous down dismantle.For wall ties, long horizontal ledger and scissors supports, they shall be removed only after the scaffold is dismantled to the relevant span frame.

(5) remove the standard, bottom  frame scaffold and the other parts.

(6) remove the base and remove the pad plate and pad block.

Post time: Apr-19-2021