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China Ringlock Scaffolding for Sale for Construction

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Quick erection:All Ringlock scaffolds are pre-measured and just a hammer is required when erection. Low maintenance: The hot dip galvanized finish will greatly extend life of the product, no paint required, no more rust or corro-sion, even they can be stored externally.

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Ringlock Standard
FINISH:Hot-dip Galvanize
APPROX. [kg]
RSRS 050 Q355  48.3 X 3.2mm 0.5 3.09
RSRS 100 Q355  48.3 X 3.2mm 1.0 5.52
RSRS 150 Q355  48.3 X 3.2mm 1.5 7.95
RSRS 200 Q355  48.3 X 3.2mm 2.0 10.38
RSRS 250 Q355  48.3 X 3.2mm 2.5 12.8
RSRS 300 Q355  48.3 X 3.2mm 3.0 15.23


Ringlock Diagonal Brace
FINISH:Hot-dip Galvanize
APPROX. [kg]
RSRB 2120 Q235  48.3 X 2.5mm 0.73*2 8.09
RSRB 2230 Q235  48.3 X 2.5mm 1.04*2 8.4
RSRB 2250 Q235  48.3 X 2.5mm 1.09*2 8.47
RSRB 2400 Q235  48.3 X 2.5mm 1.4*2 8.91
RSRB 2490 Q235  48.3 X 2.5mm 1.57*2 9.2
RSRB 2810 Q235  48.3 X 2.5mm 2.07*2 10.16
RSRB 3180 Q235  48.3 X 2.5mm 2.57*2 11.28
RSRB 3580 Q235  48.3 X 2.5mm 3.07*2 12.49


Ringlock Ledger
FINISH:Hot-dip Galvanize
APPROX. [kg]
RSRL 073 Q355  48.3 X 3.2mm 0.73 3.42
RSRL 104 Q355  48.3 X 3.2mm 1.04 4.61
RSRL 109 Q355  48.3 X 3.2mm 1.09 4.8
RSRL 140 Q355  48.3 X 3.2mm 1.4 5.98
RSRL 157 Q355  48.3 X 3.2mm 1.57 6.62
RSRL 207 Q355  48.3 X 3.2mm 2.07 8.53
RSRL 257 Q355  48.3 X 3.2mm 2.57 10.44
RSRL 307 Q355  48.3 X 3.2mm 3.07 12.34


Scaffolding Quality Certification

Quality, safety and cost efficiency are our commitments .We are sincere partner to all our clients, irrespective of their sizes. All over the world.



Scaffolding Packing

Rapid scaffolding has rich experience and advanced automatic equipment, which can provide scaffolding customized production to meet different needs.



Our Scaffolding Projects

We represent the safety and qualified scaffolding via our construction projects.
Feel the Quality via our products. We improve them always.



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  • 1. Who are we?

    Rapid Scaffolding is a subsidiary company of Xishan No.3 Construction Industrial Co., Ltd(无锡市锡山三建实业有限公司). Its business refers to scaffolding & formwork design, manufacturing, rental & contract.

    2. When was Rapid Scaffolding founded?


    3. Where is Rapid Scaffolding located?

    Rapid Scaffolding is located in Wuxi, which has great location where just 30 minutes away from Shanghai by train and one hour by car, also 100km from Shanghai Port.The address is NO. 107 107 West Xigang  Road, Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.

    4.How large is the work shop?

    It covers 100,000 square meters, in which building area covers 15,000 square meters

    5.Does Rapid Scaffolding has independent right to import and export?


    6.How much is the annual production capacity of Rapid Scaffolding?


    7. How to contact with Rapid Scaffolding?

    You can send E-mail to sales@rapid-scaffold.com or call +86-510-83796833 directly.

    8.When can I get the quotation after the inquiry?

    In 24 hours.

    9.What is the delivery time?

    Generally speaking, 30-45 days after receiving the prepayment.

    10.Can  Rapid Scaffolding provide samples?

    Yes. If the sample is common and in small quantity it is free. If the sample is uncommon and in different kinds, it will be charged.

    11.What’s the quality managing system?

    Rapid scaffolding has passed the ISO international quality certificate

    12.Does Rapid Scaffolding design and develop new products?

    Rapid Scaffolding takes pride in offering a team of highly experienced and suitably qualified engineering and technical experts. They can design and make new products according to your requests.

    13.What’s the surface treatment of the scaffolding?

    HDG, EP, PC and painted.

    14.What’s the Zinc ratio?

    8% of the plank, 6% of tube 3.0–4.0mm, 7% of 2.3-3.0mm.

    15.How to store the scaffolding?

    For scaffolding which finish is EP, PC and painted, it is recommended to store in ventilated and dry room. For scaffolding which finish is HDG, there is no special requirements.

    16.How long is the lifespan of your products?

    The lifespan of the hot-dipped galvanized products is about from 10 to 15 years, depending on the specific situation.

    17.What’s the difference from Ringlock and Octagonlock system?

    Shape: Ring disk and Octagon disk.2)Material: Ring disk is pressed, while Octagon disk is forged. 3) Wedge: Ringlock wedge is pressed while Octagonlock is forged. 4)Spigot: Ringlock uses spigot while Octagonlock uses collar 5)Ringlock uses base collar while Octagonlock doesn’t

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